2015 Stitching Finishes

First finish of the year was a friend card.  It took just about 2 days to finish it.  Completion date was 1.7.15

Finish number 2 was another friend card.  Changed the colors a bit in this one.  Completion Date was 1.10.15

Completion number 3 was a Happy Birthday Card.  This was started and finished on 1.13.15

Completion number 4 was an ABC Heart.  I had started this in 2013 for the crazy 15 starts in Jan.  It sat in my Works in Progress box for nearly two years, partial done (through the letter G).  Decided it was time to get this one done.  Completion date was 1.14.15

Christmas Ornament completed on 1.18.15.
Completed on 1.19.15

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